Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Science Tells Us about Power and Infidelity

Interesting NPR article discussing studies that find that the more power people have, the more they're likely to engage in adultery. Well, duh.

And yet, I think that people who feel completely powerless--because they're stuck in a loveless or sexless marriage, for example--are vulnerable to infidelity as well. Some might call cheating under these circumstances as passive-aggressive, but who's ready to cast the first stone?

This could be on my mind because we've been watching "Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer." Which I'm finding to be a horrifying movie, but not because of what Spitzer did. Watch it back to back with "Inside Job," and you'll see what I mean. But that's another blog post.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Interview with "Sex @ 11 with Rebecca"

Today seemed to be my own personal Media Day. First I did an interview with CNN about, the website that my son's school used to create its yearbook. (I was a co-editor, something I volunteered to do in a moment of insanity.) We'll see if any of the footage makes the light of day. Still, it was fun, and if the comments afterwards from the folks are true, I did an OK job. It was nice to feel that I'm slightly good at something (I haven't been feeling that way so much lately...but that's the subject for another post).

Then, tonight, I did an interview with Rebecca Rosenblat, a.k.a. Dr. Date, for her TV show "Sex @ 11 with Rebecca." We talked about What Women Really Want in Bed and What Men Really Want in Bed, the top 3 sex tips guys need to know--and a few tips for women, too.

It was a fun interview; Rebecca made me feel right at home. But I guess I was a little nervous, because when I started talking about What Women Really Want in Bed, I realized I was talking about the men we surveyed, not the women. Oops. But after that little glitch, things went smoothly...

...until my son burst in the room as I was talking about how men need to pay attention to the clitoris. Yeah, that was a little distracting. My husband, who was supposed to be watching our small human, claimed he had run upstairs before he could catch him, like some sort of pint-sized Olympic sprinter.

Moral of the story: If you're a sex author, look the office door when you're doing an interview.

And how can you listen in? The show only airs in Canada, but the producers are sending me a DVD of it. Which I'll post here.