Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm published in Brazil.

Imagine my surprise yesterday to get a package from my publisher containing two copies of the Brazilian co-edition of What Men Really Want in Bed. Or, in Portuguese, O Que os Homens Realmente Querem na Cama.

This is probably ho-hum news to authors used to being translated into multiple languages, but it's a first for me. I must say that I love the cover, which is a bit more lurid (in a good way) than its American counterpart.

Now, if only I actually spoke Portuguese, maybe I could translate some of the blog posts about the book. But despite my lack of language skills, I'll gladly volunteer to do a book tour in Brazil. Anyone? Anyone?

In related news, I'm about to start the sequel to What Men Really Want in Bed, focusing--you guessed it--on what women really want in bed. If you're a woman and would like to participate in the online survey, please send me your email address using the contact page on my Web site.

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zhadi said...

Sweet!!! I LOVE the cover! Congrats, Ms. Conquering the world, one literary step at a time!