Saturday, June 02, 2007

Is it a remote control? Well, in a matter of speaking...

(Note: The image in this post is possibly NSFW. If, that is, you can figure out what it is.)

One of the fun things about being a sex writer is that my male friends feel it's their civic duty to send me links to sites about adult toys.* Their emails say things like, "thought this might be good to know in your line of expertise." Indeed. Take a look at ELISE, which my friend Dr. Tim tells me is "apparently the state-of-the-art":

This lovely little toy comes from the fine folks at the Swedish company LELO (tagline: "lust objectified"), who coyly call it a "pleasure object." No, it's a vibrator--and it's OK to call it one. It would also OK for those fine folks at LELO to send me a "review copy," seeing as how I'm sort of a journalist and all.

After all, someone has to fall on her sword--no pun intended--and evaluate the truth of statements like "The powerful vibrator assembly is engineered to maximize intensity whilst minimizing noise." (Frankly, I'm just willing to try any product that uses the word "whilst" in its marketing copy.)

And then there are the friends (again, male) who send me to sites that, while not strictly about sex, do appeal to our baser instincts. Take, a site to which the ever-perky Great White Snark directed me. His note said, "Fodder for you...this is hilarious." I can't decide whether to laugh or burn my A-cup.

* They never tell me how they find these sites. But then, I may not want to know.

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