Friday, March 25, 2011

Another interview on Pillow Talk!

Just finished another interview on the Pillow Talk 101 show on Blog Talk Radio! I was so pleased to be asked back. The topic was "Self Pleasure: Getting to Know Yourself," but the conversation covered a bunch of topics, from role playing to the A-spot.

SecretSeductions_cvr We read and talked about two of the "seductions" from Secret Seductions, too.

Joining us was the fabulous JenniFDB from the 2Chix 1Mic Radio Show.

Thanks to my host Tai for another great time,and for inviting me back! Great way to start the weekend.

And sorry I disappeared at the end of the show...I accidentally hung up when my cheek bumped the receiver. D'oh.

(Note: This post was cross-posted on my other blog, What Women Really Want in Bed.)

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