Monday, January 11, 2010

Mind-Blowing Orgasms Every Day: Now available in German!

Imagine my surprise when I opened up a package from my publisher the other day and discovered a copy of the German translation of Mind-Blowing Orgasms Every Day: 365 Wild and Wicked Ways to Revitalize Your Sex Life.

Which, in German, is Höhepunkte: 365 Ideen für unschlagbar guten Sex. Of course it is.

I must say I adore the picture on the cover, but not as much as I adore the friend who asked if I had posed for it. (Answer: No, because a) even if I did wear heels that high, I would probably trip on them rather than get them caught in my thong; and b) I've never had a body like that, even at my thinnest.) But it's the thought that counts.

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Anonymous said...

hello, i am sorry to just bust through the door like this but i was hoping it was ok for me to ask you a question. of course it is, i can tell by your stunned silence. my name is joey and i was just wondering if you could fill me in a little on how it was that you got yourself a book deal? i know its a stupid question right? im something of a writer. (i cant spell for jack) i have only been published a few times but i have ideas that i think are sellable. do i sound like a complete tool? probably. um.... im sorry but i do this sometimes.