Monday, November 23, 2009

You know you're infertile when...

From the "Finding a Resolution for Infertility" on the Resolve online support community:

You know you're infertile when...

You use and understand more acronyms than the government space program.

You know that cycling has nothing to do with a bike.

You list your IF stats like a pro baseball player.

You hate at least one person that's pregnant.

You have long since learned to check your pride at the door (stirrups anyone?).

You think of expenses in terms of IVF cycles (i.e. 3,750 Starbucks coffees = one IVF try).

You readily admit that you're a powder keg and nothing you say should be taken personally.

You'd like to throttle your parents for how easy they made it sound when you were 16 and they wanted to scare you out of having sex.

At one point or another you want to smack just about everyone you love, but then we cry over the failed fertility treatments of perfect strangers.

More than 100 rude responses jump to mind when people ask why you're not pregnant yet. And some of them make even you blush.

And here's mine:

...almost two years after you throw in the towel and decide you're "over" IF, the news of yet another birth can throw you into an unexpected tailspin.

(More on that later.)

Got a good "You know you're infertile when..."? Send it to me. Or join this Resolve board. There were many more funny, moving and heart-wrenching contributions. Many thanks to Laura143 for starting this thread...

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