Monday, February 23, 2009

My new book, Secret Seductions, is out! (Almost.)

My new book, Secret Seductions: 62 Naughty Nights, Lusty Liaisons and Sexy Surprises, is out! Well, it's almost out. You can pre-order it from Amazon. It'll be officially out on April 1.

Here's the description, from Amazon:
"This book contains sealed seductions bound in glassine envelopes that let readers peek at the enclosed sexy scenarios. Each sealed seduction includes a photograph that illustrates the seduction while the facing sealed page will describe the fantasy to be acted out with a partner, give sexual technique information, and let readers know what clothing or props are required to set the scene. Each chapter will be based on the mood of the sex the reader is looking for—naughty, nice, raunchy, racy, tender, torrid, sensual or sweet—with sealed seduction being marked with the mood on the outside."

It was fun to write, and I hope you'll find it fun to read. (I'm really impressed at the design from my publisher, Quiver Books. It's beautiful and fancy! Wow!)

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