Monday, December 10, 2007

Well, we gave it the old college try.

Got some news over the weekend that only my employer will be happy about.

I would call it a day, but thanks to my insurance company, I have enough meds for another go. Whether I want to put myself through this again is another question.

Ironically, the "When-are-you-going-to-have-another-one?" questions have been coming fast and furious over the last few days. Even one of my son's teachers asked me this morning. I had to take some deep breaths. I knew she meant well. She loves my son.

People assume that if you have one child, having #2 will be no problem. As if even having the first one was a walk in the park.


missjenni said...

I conceived after 5 years of secondary infertility. It was such a long road and I wish you the best in yours too. I'd come to believe it would never happen until the moment she was born. The VERY worst part had to be all the people hounding us to have another baby, all while being consumed by it privately. ((((hugs))))

Cynthia W Gentry said...

Hi missjenni,
Thanks for your sweet comment, and your hopeful story. I've gotten to the point that when people ask me when we're having another one, I tell them the truth. THAT shuts them up pretty quickly. ;-)