Monday, August 27, 2007

Modesty prevails.

If my son wanders into my room while I'm getting dressed, he rushes to the corner of the bed where I hang my PJs, pulls them off the bedpost and hands them to me, as if to say, "Woman, for God's sake, put some clothes on!"

Of course, maybe he's just trying to be helpful.

I'm not sure where he got this. My husband and I, while not exhibitionists, certainly aren't overly modest. Once you've gone through the experience of giving birth, and nearly everyone has either handled or seen every part of your body, you pretty much give up on keeping it all under wraps.


Peggy said...

I'm naked in front of my son basically every morning as I get dressed for work. A couple of weeks ago, he stared at my breasts and then reached up with both hands and pinched both of my nipples. It definitely gave me pause, and I figured there will probably come a day where I'll need to NOT be naked in front of him. Needless to say, I was speechless.

Cynthia W Gentry said...

Oh, my son did this one time, too. Somewhere in his subconscious memory, he must remember that I was essentially a soda fountain to him.